marraskuuta 01, 2011

2 years ago...

...Olga came into my life. 31.10.2009 she was delivered to me by her former owner.

Here she has just arrived some 30 mins earlier.

Thank you, my dear dear Olga, for coming into my life
and being there for me for better and for worse.
And for better again.

Here are some photos from the summer, we had a clinic at "our" place in the beginning of June.

with Skuggi

with Olga

with my dog Mytty :)

PS. I'm back, I hope. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blogs.

huhtikuuta 23, 2011

Things I want to write down

11 months ago Olga moved to Koivurinne (= "birch hill") and yesterday I realized I have to bring into focus one thing. Here goes:

Sun, Skuggi and me

Koivurinne is home for 6 icelandics. Person in charge there is Kati, who's parents live in Koivurinne. Kati lives nearby with her husband and two girls ~12 and 14. This is the group that takes care of all the horses feedings etc.

There are many features in Kati that I appreciate. Most important ones for me and my two horses are her love for horses combined with all her knowledge and continuous studying on all things related to horses.

Olga & me

Yesterday I suddenly realized one thing I wish she would see with my eyes. You see, Kati is taking a lot of pressure of all the things she wants to see done in Koivurinne. She has got plenty of plans to make it better and better.

For me and my 2 horses that place already is heaven and paradise combined. I thank the Universe whenever I drive there, get out of my car, hear all the birds singing and see all the horses there, happy as they are with each other but also greeting you with approving nods and nickers. It fills me with pure happiness, every time.

I just thought she should know. Thank you, Kati <3

PS. Universe did it's tricks once again, and so Claudia Garner ( ) visited Olga on thursday. Olga feels much better now!

maaliskuuta 23, 2011

How/who are we? Still figuring out..

I still don't know what to write about Skuggi. We are still in a process of getting to know each other. Well, he is a gelding, born in Germany '99. But I don't think that is very interesting.

Last weekend I was finally able to put Olga and Skuggi together, Olgas laminitis made a comeback on January and her recovery has been slow but now she is moving better.

I think Skuggi has some issues both mentally and physically. I will do my best in helping him get rid of all those things making him uncomfortable! He was very grumpy yesterday when I went to see them. I think he might have bellyache because they only get hay 4 times a day. I will have to find hay with less sugar so I can give more! In summer it might be easier when they will have 3 hectares of forest, he will always find something to eat.

He is also starting to find the joy in moving, I think. He hated to go to the arena at first, but now he is beginning to believe I won't force him to move, I only give carrots when he does :) last time he actually felt good enough to roll! That has not happened once and we've been there many times in past 2 months. Also he does not get so agitated anymore, when we started to go to the arena, he used to poop at least two times.

Skuggi was given to me for free, because he has had 10 colics last year. Yes, ten. He also does not like to carry riders and is very good at getting rid of them. So far, no colics this year and no falls, not that I would've spent there more than about the time it takes to give a piece of carrot for him :)

He will be so good at teaching me, maybe others too. But first I will have to fix his life so he can live it to the fullest.

helmikuuta 03, 2011


No matter how much you love your animal(s), it is not enough to ensure good life. You'll have to add respect and knowledge to be able to fully meet their needs.

Never think your animal is stupid. In their actions, they are way more honest to their needs than us humans. So don't blame them for your own lack of understanding.

Owning animal(s) does not mean they will be grateful for it, it means your main goal, in everything you do to/with them, should be to show your thankfulness for their presence in your life.

I am already head over heels with this lad. He has so many lessons in store for me - can't wait! (Of course I can. Lesson number 1: Patience.)

tammikuuta 25, 2011


I've got two horses!

Meet Skuggi. He is a gelding, born '99, Olga's next door neighbor. He will be moving in after we get his shoes off and more hay nets and and and.


tammikuuta 10, 2011


My dream has always been to some day be able to help horses and also help people to understand horses. I have a vision about this very big ranch that is completely fenced so that all of my horses can roam free. I'd love to arrange all kinds of events where people could come and learn about life and themselves with the help of horses.

I have been waiting for a) a jackpot in lottery and b) being ready & able to teach others. A is still very much awaited but I have been worrying alot about section b as I've noticed that the more I learn, the harder it gets to tell anyone about it. It is a very personal journey and the path is forever changing, no two are the same. BUT also I feel like I have begun to feel things more with my heart, and because of that, I don't know what words to use. Many things I just know in my heart to be right or wrong, but I cannot always tell where that knowledge comes from. I believe it comes from horses but is not learned through any particular experience but delivered to me in some other way.

I have noticed several times, when horses approach me with a certain look, I feel my heart beating irregularly. Do you ever get that feeling?

Today I realized that I don't have to be able to teach myself, I would be more than happy just to be able to provide premises for horses to live and people to learn. I do know a lot of people who could come visit and teach me and others. And all my horses could choose to participate if they'd like. Problem solved, now all I need is that jackpot!

(Pics by Marjo Kilgast)

tammikuuta 03, 2011

Our day in photos

This is pretty much like an ordinary day for us, I was lucky to have someone over to document it with these great photos!

I usually start with cleaning in Olga's paddock. It's a good way to reconnect, by doing something useful but trying to stay available and present.

After that, we went for a walk. (Yes, it is a dog collar.)

We go as long (or short) as Olga likes.

"Strike a pose!"

Then we went to the arena.

she offered to do some streching.

and proposed our newest game where I climb on her back, give a carrot, and slide away from the other side.

Olga is free lungeing me?

Olga had some excercise too.

Few laps of gallop in exchange for few slices of carrot.

after that Olga took me into the woods.

Before I leave, I fill her hay nets...

...and bring some warm water to drink.

Good night!

All photos by Marjo Kilgast, thank you so much!